For added resistance to your daily regime, try our Wod Shop Coloured Resistance Bands. 


The versatile tool is beneficial when stretching, lifting and bodyweight training exercises. Increase strength, flexibility, endurance and posture with the Wod Shop coloured Resistance bands, designed to improve your overall fitness.


A range of lengths is available, allowing you to choose the perfect level of resistance for your exercise needs.



  • Black – Light – 22mm wide: Resistance is 11.3kg - 29.5kg
  • Purple – Medium – 32mm wide: Resistance is 15.8kg - 38.5kg
  • Green – Heavy – 44mm wide Resistance is 22.5kg – 47.5kg

Resistance Bands single/set - varies options

PriceFrom $17.00
  • Length

    Black: 1050mm
    Thickness: 4.5mm


    Purple: 1030mm

    Thickness: 4.5mm


    Green: 1040mm

    Thickness: 4.5mm

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