Series 2 BumbleBee 2-hole grips have been redesigned to offer stronger more natural shape that distributes the force evenly around your wrist. We have rounded the corners at the edges to increase the performance and strength of the grips much like the BumbleBee Fingerless Grips.  


BumbleBee X Grips are perfect for a beginner as well as an elite athlete. Over time the grips will mould to contour your hand so you always have the same grip. One of many features of these grips is how thin these actually are, with 1.5mm just between your hand and the bar.


 BumbleBee X Grips are perfect to use with or without chalk and you don't need to worry about sweat getting in the way, the fabric won't lose its grip. 

REYLLEN Series 2 Bumblebee X 2 Hole Grips



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