True PROTEIN MOUSSE is a nutritionally rich high-protein dessert with a simple, all-natural ingredient profile. With 21g of protein in every serve, PROTEIN MOUSSE is a clean and tasty treat you can feel good about eating.






  • 21g protein per serve


  • High in collagen


  • Healthy treat alternative

True Chocolate Mousse

  • Suggested Use

    1. Pour 150mL water or milk into a shaker.

    2. Add 1 Large True Scoop (30g) of Mousse powder into the shaker and shake well.

    3. Mix well until powder is completely dissolved. Remove the mixing ball and leave in shaker or transfer to a small container.

    4. Refrigerate for 15-30 mins.

    We recommend using milk for optimal taste. 

  • Extra Information

    Contains milk products and soy lecithin (trace). Produced in a facility that handles tree nuts.


    150g Bag has 5 serves



    Is MOUSSE vegan?

    No - MOUSSE contains collagen, whey and milk proteins, which are not vegan-friendly.



    Can I have MOUSSE if I’m lactose intolerant?

    Though you can use water with our formula, MOUSSE contains whey and milk proteins. For this reason it is probably not the ideal dessert if you are very sensitive to lactose. 



    Can I have MOUSSE in the same day as I have a protein shake?

    Yes - the amount of protein in a serving of MOUSSE is fine to be consumed on the same day as a protein shake. However, if you are actively looking to boost your protein intake for the purpose of lean muscle gain, we recommend taking the two spread out across the day as the body cannot store protein.


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