GLUTAMINE is a premium pharmaceutical grade form of L-Glutamine, sourced from a leading Japanese manufacturer. Utilising non-animal based extraction processes GLUTAMINE sets the industry standard for purity and taste.

Leading Manufacturing Processes



Suggested Use

Add 1/2 Small TP scoop (1.9 grams) to liquid of your choice, stir and consume. Take 1 serving daily or as required.

Glutamine is a maintenance supplement and how your body feels should act as a good gauge of your requirements. To avoid negative effects on body functions from regular intense training make sure you keep you Glutamine levels regularly topped up. This dosage can be scaled up potentially as high as 15 grams daily, depending on factors such as workout intensity and required recovery time.






  • Withstand sustained intensive training


  • Assist vital body functions


  • Maintains healthy immune function

True Glutamine - unflavoured

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  • Extra Information

    Produced In A Facility That Handles Nuts And Nut Products.


    250g bag has 132 serves



    Japanese amino acids are suitable for vegans and vegetarians

    Amino acids are simply the individual building blocks of protein itself. Protein comes from various sources such as meats, whole grain carbohydrates and many vegetables. While amino acid profiles will vary in different foods, the actual amino acids are generic whether it comes from an animal or vegetable source. Many vegetarians and vegans may struggle to get adequate amino acids due to their dietary options and by having amino acids in supplement form, optimal levels can be guaranteed regardless of any restrictions faced when choosing whole foods.


    How  glutamine improves health

    Glutamine plays an important role in multiple physiological functions of our body. It is the preferred fuel source of gastrointestinal cells that are responsible for maintaining its structure and reducing gut mucosal atrophy (a physical change in the intestinal cells that affects the passing of water, bacteria, electrolytes and waste through the system).

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