MUG CAKE is a nutritionally rich protein snack that packs over 23 grams of protein per serve and only minimal fat, carbohydrates and sugars. With a simple ingredient profile that utilises premium New Zealand sourced protein powders along with Australian organic oat flour, MUG CAKE delivers a clean, natural and tasty alternative to typical desserts.



Suggested use

Mix 1.5 Large TP Scoops (50g) with 50ml of water or milk. Mix until the blend is a thick paste. Pour blend into a standard kitchen mug. Cook in a microwave for 45-50 seconds


Key Tip - Make sure your microwave setting is set to a lower heat to ensure the best results!






  • Healthy protein treat


  • Premium healthy ingredients


  • Easy to prepare


True Mug Cake

  • Extra Information

    Contains Milk Products And Gluten. Produced In Facility That Handles Tree Nuts.


    250g Bag has 5 serves


    What’s in True Mug Cake?

    True Mug Cake contains a blend of high quality New Zealand grass-fed whey protein concentrate and milk protein concentrate, organic oat flour, natural cocoa and natural chocolate flavours with organic stevia for sweetening.

    Each serve of True Mug Cake contains 13.8g of carbohydrates, of which a low 1.6g is sugars, 2.0g of fat and 23.5g of protein. This makes True Mug Cake and easy treat to fit into your daily macro allowance.



    Do you have any tips on getting a good consistency for the True Mug Cake?

    The texture and consistency of True Mug Cake will vary with a number of factors; how much liquid you add, how long you cook it, and the strength of your microwave oven.  You may need to experiment a little to achieve a consistency to suit your preference.  Many customers prefer to undercook True Mug Cake because they find it can get a little dry if overcooked.  Here are our top tips.

    Microwave for slightly less time for a gooey consistency
    Try microwaving in short bursts (eg. 15seconds) until you get the right consistency
    If it seems to be drying out, add a little extra liquid to prevent it from drying out
    Pour the milk or water in first and then the mug cake mixture


    What toppings are nice with True Mug Cake?

    If you want to pimp your True Mug Cake, here are some ways to make it even better:

    Add Greek yogurt, berries and nuts
    Stir in a spoonful of peanut butter, honey, or any spread that you like, before cooking
    Top with your favourite ice cream

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