POST has been developed based on leading industry research to provide a potent 9 ingredient sports nutrition blend. The core ingredients of POST are 28g of premium New Zealand sourced whey protein isolate (WPI90), 31g of high GI carbs (DEXTROSE) and an amino acid stack consisting of BCAA's, Creatine and Glutamine.



Suggested Use

Add 2 Large TP Scoops (80g) to 300ml-400ml of water. Consume within 30 minutes after your workout. 


True POST contains a complete blend of the core ingredients you need in the post workout window. It contains carbohydrates, protein and amino acids in optimal doses to support lean muscle growth. It is designed specifically for the post workout window and is not recommended for use at any other time.






  • Innovative 9 ingredient formula


  • Complete source of protein, carbs and amino's


  • Solid 80g Serve Size


True Post

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  • Extra Information

    Contains Milk Products. Recommended For Adults. Not Suitable For People With Dairy Allergies. Produced In A Facility That Handles Nuts And Nut Products. 


    1.6kg bag has 20 serves



    True Post is vegetarian

    True Post is suitable for vegetarians. Unlike many amino-acid stacked powders on the market True Post uses amino acids from vegetable sources, rather than animal products. As a result, True Post, like the majority of the products in the True Protein range, is suitable for vegetarians.



    The difference between True Post and whey protein

    Whey Protein is an ideal all-round post-workout supplement. A whey protein shake is designed to provide protein to the body and assist muscle recovery. Contrastingly, True Post is designed to fuel the body with protein, carbohydrates, and the complete profile of essential and non-essential amino acids. In addition to the 31g of high GI carbohydrates and amino acids, True Posts includes a full serving of New Zealand grass-fed whey protein. Whilst protein powders such as WPI90 and WPC80 are perfect all-round protein supplements, True Post is the ideal choice for elite athletes and those training at to reach this level.

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