Venom X Grip are designed with the same soft and durable material as the BumbleBee X Grips. The changes here are with the colour and the shape of the Fingerless and 3-hole grips. Venom X Fingerless Grips are perfect for a beginner as well as an elite athlete.


The absence of finger holes makes these grips perfect for fast transitions between movements while still providing that same Venom trademark grip and comfort.


Bumblebee Fingerless are straight shape, while Venom Fingerless are ergonomically shaped creating a different feel on the bar or rings. Additionally Venom X Fingerless Grips offer a false grip guard to make those ring MU easier on your hands and skin.

REYLLEN Venom X Fingerless Grips





    For Venom X Fingerless we recommend going a size up as they run a little shorter.

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    Red and black only available small size as end of the line colour

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