The WodShop Tactical Plate Vest is designed to be lightweight. 1.3kg for the (pink) Vest 1.5kg for the (black, blue, grey) Vest. Easily adjustable to be comfortable on any body shape. The WodShop Vest (Pink) is 34cm high and 28cm wide and perfect size for kids/Teenagers and small framed bodies. The WodShop Vest (Black, Grey and Blue) are 38cm high and 31cm wide and standard size for adults (male/female) They are made to offer maximum quality, comfort, lightness and breathability for any activity while remaining mobile.



*Vests come with a selection of patches that may vary to what’s in photos

WodShop Tactical Weight Vest - varies options

PriceFrom $199.99

    Amazing comfort and freedom of movement


    Can accommodate most medium to large steel plates designed to fit Tactical vests of similar design

    (Plates are not to be used as body armour)


    Abrasion resistant 600D oxford


    Adjustable waist and tensional bands


    One-handed quick-release  (please note this function when you pull the steel cord on the front will take time to put back into vest so use this wisely)


    Water-resistant coated


    Airflow panel


    Vests come with a selection of patches 

  • Options

    Vest Only


    Vest + 2x1.5kg plates = 4.5kg


    Vest + 2x2.5kg plates = 6.5kg


    Vest + 2x4kg plates = 9.5kg



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